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nagrim, azur lane, formidable (azur lane), manjuu (azur lane), 1girl, bare shoulders, between breasts, black dress, black footwear, black ribbon, breasts, cleavage, clothing cutout, detached collar, dress
senri gan, original, 1girl, animal ears, ass, bangs, bare shoulders, black hair, breasts, choker, cleavage, closed mouth, concept art, covered nipples, eyebrows visible through hair
pottsness, genshin impact, lumine (genshin impact), 1girl, alternate costume, argyle, argyle cutout, artist name, bangs, bare arms, bare shoulders, blonde hair, blue skirt, blush, bow
eternity (shadeh), genshin impact, raiden shogun, 1girl, alternate costume, ankle flower, ankle strap, apron, arm rest, back bow, bangs, bare shoulders, between legs, black dress, black legwear
yappen, azur lane, bremerton (azur lane), 1girl, :d, bangs, bare shoulders, black choker, black footwear, black ribbon, bracelet, breasts, choker, cleavage, collarbone
joko jmc, azur lane, genshin impact, raiden shogun, st. louis (azur lane), st. louis (luxurious wheels) (azur lane), 1girl, bangs, bare legs, blunt bangs, blush, braid, breasts, car, character name
dengdengdeng, arknights, mudrock (arknights), mudrock (obsidian) (arknights), 1girl, bangs, bare legs, bare shoulders, barefoot, black choker, black dress, black footwear, book, book stack, bottle
ringeko-chan, genshin impact, ganyu (genshin impact), keqing (genshin impact), 2girls, ahoge, ankle strap, arm behind back, artist name, bare arms, bare shoulders, black footwear, black gloves, black legwear, blue hair
tarutaru (ryousuke), genshin impact, hu tao (genshin impact), 1girl, :d, bangs, black dress, black headwear, blush, breasts, brown hair, cowboy shot, dress, eyebrows visible through hair, fang
rikui (rella2930), genshin impact, raiden shogun, 1girl, arm strap, armlet, bangs, bare shoulders, black choker, black dress, braid, breasts, choker, dress, earrings
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